World traveler

Now that I am home and telling everyone stories of my adventures, I have been thinking about the adventures I have had and want to have.
I made a map to help myself visualize where I have been.
My international trips have been (in order of occurrence) to Rome, Italy, Monterrey, Mexico, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and up and down the east coast of Australia.
I feel so blessed to have been to these places and experienced different cultures!
I still have a bucket list of places to visit!

  1. Australia – Uluru in the outback and Perth?
  2. New Zealand – both islands! the glow caves and Hobbiton
  3. Fiji – I hear the scuba diving is amazing!
  4. Cambodia – cultural history and the country of origin of some family friends
  5. Israel – religious history
  6. London – the Harry Potter studios and platform 9 3/4
  7. Africa – everywhere and anywhere, also a safari
  8. Costa Rica – on a yoga retreat maybe?
  9. South America

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 5.44.54 AM


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