Back in the US of A

So I have been home for a week now, and it is interesting to be back.
I have had a crazy week juggling jet lag, camp work, nannying, and family of course!
I feel like I am finally getting on a schedule for being home and starting to see all of my friends that I missed over the semester.
The projects of the past week have been working on getting my CDL bus driver permit. I’ve had to study, go to camp, take a state run class, and get my permit. But, I have achieved that all, so tomorrow I get to start learning to drive the bus. Wish me luck!
My roommate at Hope and I have been adjusting our schedules so we can have some classes together. It is crazy to think that I will be back at Hope in a few short months! Here is what I am thinking at this point:
Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 10.16.53 PM
I have been greatful to keep up with all of the friends I made in Australia and see the reactions of friends and family when I give them gifts! It makes it all worth it and I am so glad to have been able to live in Australia, especially looking back at all the amazing memories I have!


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