Supposed to…

Today I was supposed to go diving on the great barrier reef…. unfortunately I had the stomach flu, so I couldn’t go. : (
I have another opportunity to go on Sunday, so hopefully I will be feeling better.
The program it officially over, and we made it to Cairns safely, which is always good. At this point, a bunch of my friends are already sleeping at home, which I am so jealous of!
The last week in Byron was full of bad weather and good friends. And some sea kayaking. It was great! We got to see sea turtles (my favorite part) and dolphins playing!
Other than that, it was so difficult to say goodbye to my friends. I have made 22 friends that I will cherish forever and 2 new best friends! I cannot put into words the pain of leaving and the excitement to be home in less than a week… I think it is just something you have to experience on a small group study abroad like SIT.
So, after my time in Cairns, I will have been all along the east coast of Australia, though I will not have gone to some places I really want to go (read: Fraiser Island and the Outback) so I guess I will have to come back!
I have no way to put my semester in Australia into words. It is merely memories 🙂


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