The Most Amazing Day

I’ve had the best day for quite some time!
First, I am living with my host family, which just makes everything better! I love being in a house, having my own room with a big bed, and being unpacked. I will be sad to leave them!
Then, I went to Currumbin again to photograph the Rose Crowned Fruit Dove for my book!
I got to go in the cage to get a good shot and everything! Then, the women in charge of the birds took me around to look at them and tell me about them! What an incredible opportunity!
I also got to get my photo taken with a wedge-tailed eagle!
And I had some free time in the park to have fun!
The best part of the day was, with the photo of the Rose Fruit Dove, I was able to finish my book tonight! I cannot wait to see it printed! The only downside to the day was that it drizzled on and off.


2 thoughts on “The Most Amazing Day

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