A Week Long Field Trip? Sure!

So I have officially been in Australia for a MONTH! CRAZY!
Now, we are in Tasmania for the next week before heading to Melbourne and Sydney. I am so excited for our wilderness adventure planned for the next week! We get to hike and talk to people that live here and sleep in cabins in national parks!
And a great part of this adventure is that we get to unplug and enjoy each other.
Before we really start our field trip, we get to spend a couple of days exploring Hobart, Tasmania.
Today, we ventured to the MONA, a crazy art museum, that is internationally known and houses a whole bunch of controversial artwork.
The cool thing about the museum was that they had ipods instead of plaques on the wall with all the information and they had a lot of additional information for each piece as well.
Before I left my homestay, we hiked into the National Park to circle pools and went swimming where you can jump off of a rock into a pool below. It was amazing and we were the only people there. My camera was almost out of battery so the shutter speed seems to have ben affected, which is a bummer. It was fun to climb up around the falls and jump off into the freezing cold water.


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