Australian Beauty!

This latter half of this week has been amazing!

Wednesday we had a much needed day off! I went with a few of the other Channon (thats our neighborhood) kids to Nimbin, which is the drug town of Australia. My host mom wanted me to experience it just so I can say I have been there. It was fun with a lot of people asking if you wanted anything and some hippie shops. There is a huge campaign there to make pot legal. After we walked around, we went to the Nimbin Rocks, which are rocks left from the old volcano.


On Thursday, we had class in the Border Ranges National Park. The views were incredible and we had a 2 hour hike/class through the rainforest! I can get used to class on the trail! And I think I will have to because in Tassi we are on the trail a lot!




Yesterday my host mom, Maureen, took me to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary near the Gold Coast. I got to hold a koala when we first got there!



There is also an area where you can pet and take photos with all of the kangaroos. It was such a cool area! I even got to see a joey on one of his first adventures out of his mother’s pouch. He was so cute and wobbly! There were also a couple of other mothers with joeys in their pouches. It was such a cool experience and I got to see a lot of Australian wildlife that we don’t have in the states.













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