I thought that this semester would be different. I thought it would be outside of my comfort zone and a crazy experience. And, in some ways it is, but not in the way I thought and not in the ways that anyone would expect.

I thought that being away from Hope would be hard, but it’s not. I love and miss my friends, but I am LOVING the diversity I am experiencing now. Other cultures are so interesting and I love being a part of a different one here. I thought I would experience a bunch of new things and city living would be awesome. City living is pretty similar to the suburbs (at least the neighborhood I live in), but it takes either way longer or way shorter to get where you need to go and there is more noise. I think I love a city, but I think I need a smaller city with a more forward thinking culture.

I thought that work would be easy and fun. I mean, who doesn’t love hanging out with kids all day. Work is exhausting, and then I get home so late that I want to do NOTHING. I mean I barely cook dinner and just lie in my bed and watch tv. I go home on weekends because there is not a whole lot to do on weekends that doesn’t involve money and so I babysit and earn some money.

I have totally fallen in love with the hispanic culture though, and I hope to pursue that as I move forward with my life and work choices. 🙂 It is so different to be one of the only white people where I work. Some things get deemed as “white people things” and I think it is hilarious. It is so interesting to see how different cultures act different and wear different things. LOVE



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