Chicago-isms I’ve Learned

1. Street signs are TOO SMALL! I cannot tell at all what street I am on or where I need to go. So basically Chicago needs to invest in those massive, light up, 2-sided street signs.

I get so turned around in a way that I would not expect being so close to the lake and having a decent idea of the Chicago skyline. This is mostly true when I have no idea which way to come out of the subway… but I’ve got it figured out for my commute to work, so thats awesome.

2. Guys are WAY forward in Chicago. This is ABSOLUTELY NOT the case in Holland. I have been hit on more in 1 day in Chicago (half the time by homeless guys) than I have in my entire life.

My first couple days going to work this guy would come at talk at me while I tried to ignore him. After a couple of days he finally got the hint.

3. Naps were a part of my life that I totally took advantage of until they were gone.

I wish I could take a nap every day of my life, and I am so not getting them while I am in Chicago pretending to be in real life. This semester is supposed to prepare you and lead you into a job, but I am all like “keep me in college forever if it means I can sleep in the middle of the day!”

4. The city is WAY louder than I thought. And this had nothing to do with the ambulance I can hear right now. The garbage truck runs down our alley for like a good hour every morning. It KILLS me when I wake up 10 minutes before my alarm goes off because of the truck dropping beer bottles every 2 minutes. I am told that the upper floors cannot hear it. Oh how I wish that was the case for us!



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