Becoming One With My City

Last week was crazy. In someways an amazing crazy and in some ways the worst kind of crazy.

I have met some amazing people and I cannot wait to know their hearts. My roommates are great, even with the lack of space in our room. We are some of the lucky ones because we have a separate living room. At least our chaos is contained mostly to our bedroom and the hallway.

We have done so many fun things around the city this last week! I went to the Museum of Science and Industry with a couple of new friends and we had an amazing time walking around and playing some of the games they had around.



Last week, during orientation, I interviewed for positions that were not for me. They were not at all working with young children or in the child care setting. I tried to talk to the program but it took some extreme measures for them to hear my concerns. Finally, I was scheduled an interview with an after school program for 5-12 year olds. When I interviewed there, I knew it was the place for me.

I did not want to be the student that threw a fit and rocked the boat, but I was not going to waste a semester doing something that was not beneficial to me. I am so grateful that things worked out and I am super stoked to start my internship tomorrow.



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