Breaking Heart

I don’t think it hit me until today that I am not going back to Hope this year. And I don’t even think I have processed it that far. I just know that I am not going back to Hope RIGHT NOW. There are many reasons for this – both from fear of a new experience and missing what has been great in my life.

Sunday I move into an apartment in the city. Although this excites me, there are a million more reasons that it scares me. I am focusing on trusting the Lord and the idea that in 2 weeks when things are solidified with this semester a little, I will feel much better. The unknown of the next school year is killing me right now, so to figure at least a little of that out will do amazing amounts of good (I am hoping).

Today I am processing through a lot from some equally shocking and saw-it-coming news. I am excited for the future, both for my friends and myself, but I am also sad to see a chapter of my life close. I know that the experiences that I encounter this year will forever change my heart and I am praying that my friends will join me for the ride that is my life to support, love, and encourage me along the way.

Peace is coming. I can feel it. : )



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