The Nanny Life

I am nannying for a couple of families right now, and last night I doubled up so a mom could go to a camp meeting. I decided that with three kids I would need a craft or activity. Pinterest came to the rescue!

I have pinned a bunch for watching E and I just picked one that would work for 2 toddlers.
We did colored vinegar drops on a plate of baking soda!

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 6.19.10 PM

(sorry this picture is not the best!)

E loved it but W wasn’t nearly as interested. I think I will try it again with just E. I would also research different ways to get the vinegar onto the baking soda… Maybe an eye dropper or something similar?

The life saving choice I made was to strip the kids shirts (they had some great conversations about belly buttons) so clean up was pretty easy too!



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