I have been mentally writing this post for the last day or so. I have had a great weekend, week, month, and semester. I have recently just been feeling so blessed, so I thought I would outline that.

Family: I have a great family that has come to visit me the last couple weekends, and I have just been reminded how close we are and how they want to support me.

Friends: I have been blessed by friends that encourage, challenge, and love me. My friends have supported me so much in my choice to study off campus next year, and they are excited with me.

Study Abroad: Things are coming together and I am so much closer to this incredible experience. This weekend, I went to orientation, and though it was boring, it made me super excited to be off campus and make new memories and friends.

Peace: I have felt so at peace about my life recently in a way that I cannot explain. I have been blessed with things that I could not have asked for because I did not know that I needed them.

Professors: I have a couple of professors that have been so helpful this semester and so encouraging to me in life, academics, and my study abroad adventure. One of my professors from last year has met with me to discuss my excitement, as well as written not one or two, but three recommendations for me. I am so grateful for the relationships that I have with my professors here.

Expanding Abilities: This semester I am taking guitar and painting. I had no idea that I would like either of these things or want to pursue them, but as the semester is wrapping up, I am excited to use my new found skills in the future!


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