New Bedroom Update

I left my good camera at home and won’t be able to get the pictures of the updates to my room until this weekend, but I did want to update my to-do list.

List of things that need to be done:

  • paint the walls
  • new bedside table
  • go through the art/knick-knacks on my walls
  • DIY new storage for papers on that will go up on the wall
  • rug
  • frame wall (will not happen until I get home for the summer and we move the futon into my room)
  • go through my closet/stuff and purge
  • make a small school area in my closet
  • DIY new curtains -> we ended up buying perfect ones from Target when we could not find a fabric we like to DIY our own
  • DIY large black and white print for above my bed using Staples’ huge engineer prints

One thought on “New Bedroom Update

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