Bedside Table Adventures

There was a skinny, tall bookcase serving as my bedside table before and we all decided that it had to go. It made the room look so much more cramped then it is and it was a resting place for junk. I started looking at ikea for some inspiration of a bedside table we could use as is or hack. I found this one:



The color was awesome and the design was fun but we were not completely sold. So, we figured we would keep looking and go see it in person to see if it would fit the bill.


While running around on Friday, Maggie and I decided to pop into Home Goods and  see if they had anything we liked. While there we found 2 options that rocked our socks:

photo copy

photoWe loved the price and light feel of the 1st one and the metal and fabric baskets of the 2nd. We went on a hunt for a basket for the ladder’s bottom shelf and tried a few options. There was a basket similar to what we wanted, but it was too big for the shelf : ( boo. Then we found a fuchsia and white weaved basket that worked and would tie into my itso cube bins. The price was right ($10) so we decided to go with the ladder bedside table.

I also noticed that the ladder table was quite broken, so I figured I could get a good amount of money off of the original $40 price. We decided to jump on it and fix the structural problems ourselves.

On our way out, I spotted another basket:


Though clearly the bunnies would have to go, it was the perfect size for the bottom shelf.

DSCF0824The basket was exactly what we were looking for! We knew that we could make some easy changes to get rid of the bunnies and handle for a perfect fit!

They gave me the $40 shelf for $25! What a steal! and the basket was $15, so the whole thing cost what the self would have if it was not broken. We brought it home and set to work.


The basket was a super quick fix. The bunnies popped right off and we used some needle nose pliers to take the handle off and bend the hooks where it had been secured down (so I would not cut myself on them).


We also set to work on fixing the shelves. The major problem was that the wood around the screws were stripped and they popped out of the holes all the time.

DSCF0821I just put some wood glue in the holes and then shoved the screws in. Then, we used some painters tape to hold the screws in while the glue dried.




That was all the shelf base and top shelf needed. The middle shelf had a large crack in one side.


We planned to put some wood filler in and paint white… but out wood filler looked like this:

DSCF0842We decided that the wood filler was no good and we would just fill the crack with glue and clamp it.

DSCF0843When we clamped it together, we put a fabric scrap under it to protect the wood.


The bottom shelf had some loose boards:

DSCF0822On one of the corners the nails were bent, so I just used some needle nose pliers to bend them back. 3 of the corners were glued and clamped into place.




Last, I painted all of the exposed glue white to match the rest of the shelf. Here it is finished:




DSCF0851I think it will work great in the room when we start to move things back in (we are in the process of painting).


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