Spring Break Projects

I am home on spring break for a little over a week. While I am home my grandparents will be in Florida, so we are taking advantage of their absence to paint and spruce up my room! Since I will be home through January after I get home in May and my stuff will be home for almost a year and a half, we figured that my school stuff should fit into my room at home. This was a problem because all of my school things are teal, purple, and black while my things at home are green and brown.

When my sister saw a deep purple duvet on sale at pottery barn we jumped. We got a great deal and then started to brainstorm the other changes that we would need to make. Back to the bedding – it is great! A great deep color with some texture that makes it! (source)

valerie-floral-metalasse-duvet-cover-shamList of things that need to be done:

  • paint the walls
  • new bedside table
  • go through the art/knick-knacks on my walls
  • DIY new storage for papers on that will go up on the wall
  • rug
  • frame wall (will not happen until I get home for the summer and we move the futon into my room)
  • go through my closet/stuff and purge
  • make a small school area in my closet
  • DIY new curtains

There is also a Pinterest board with inspiration on it.


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