Pinterest Challenge: Completed!

I decided to do a t-shirt necklace for the Winter 2013 Pinterest Challenge. You can read about that here.

To begin, I started with an old t-shirt that Katie (my roommie) didn’t want anymore. [p.s. sorry about the crappy pictures… lighting in my dorm room is beyond awful!]
DSCF0796Then, I cut the bottom seam off and cut strips all through the body of the shirt so I had circles.


DSCF0798You have to have strips, not circles to make the necklace, so I cut one of the sides of the shirt. My scissors got a little “dusty” in the process.

DSCF0799Then, I stretched out all of my strips of shirts. I was a little worried that my strips were not going to be long enough from a size small t-shirt, but they turned out perfect! When I was done stretching them out, they looked like a bunch of noodles on my couch.

DSCF0800I cut some extra strips from the chest of the shirt so I could use them to tie the strips together at the top.

DSCF0802And I lined all of the strips up and tied them together.

DSCF0805And separated the strips into 3 groups to braid. My groups had 3 strips each, but they don’t really have to be even or anything.

DSCF0806And I just braided the parts for about 8-10 inches. I tucked the knot under my computer to hold it down while I braided.

DSCF0807I wrapped another scrap around the end of the braid and tied it to hold it in place.

DSCF0808To finish the project up for now, I just trimmed the ends of the scraps so they were even and tied them back around the top of the braid to make a necklace. The tutorial said to them sew another scrap around this last knot to make it look neater. I think I will end up doing that next time I go home.

DSCF0811I am pretty happy with how it turned out, imperfections and all. I love how the blue from the applique shows through in the braiding. I think it adds so much dimension. And it turned out to be a great length! What a great pinterest challenge! He is a picture of it on:

Photo on 2-23-13 at 6.34 PM #2p.s. check out how the Young House Love and Katie Bower’s Pinterest challenges worked out!



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