Pinterest Challenge – Winter 2013

This week, Katie Bower and Young House Love issued the Winter 2013 PINTEREST CHALLENGE! I have decided to take it up to… as they say… stop pinning and start doing! This season, I will have to do something fairly easy due to being at school (and not really wanting to drive in the everlasting snowstorm that is west Michigan).

winter-challengeI scrolled through my “Crafty” board on pinterest for some inspiration when I came across this picture:

and I thought LOOOOVE! (especially with my new scarf addiction…) I can imagine wearing it when the weather gets warmer! But, when I clicked the link from Pinterest, it only took me to a photo : ( BOO! So I decided to look for more options.

During my search I found this:


Looks pretty similar, so I will give it a good ol college try! I will let you know how it goes after I get done! Happy Pinning!



One thought on “Pinterest Challenge – Winter 2013

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