Figuring It All Out

All year I have been planning on studying abroad for a semester next year. I worked hard on my application and turned it in. Then, it came to decide housing for next semester. I seemed that no one really wanted to live with a random person for a semester and so I was having difficulty finding a place to live.

With this in mind, I went to talk to my advisor yesterday. We talked and tried to figure out a plan for the rest of my time here. I had a lot of extra credits to fill since I have decided to drop my art major to a minor. She suggested that I do an internship for some of my credits to get great work experience and have it count toward my major. I told her that I was looking into options for living at home next semester for a variety of reasons. Hearing this, she immediately told me to look into the Chicago Semester. This is an intensive internship and a seminar. I have friends who want to do Chicago Semester, but had never thought of it for myself. I thought it was a great idea! I called my mom and we discussed doing an internship and what great experience that would be.

I ventured through campus to the office of the Hope representative for Chicago Semester and talked to him about it. After talking to him, I knew it was perfect for me and what I wanted. I am excited to say that next year will hopefully be a crazy whirlwind of off campus experiences that will be an alternative to traditional learning. I am so excited for what is to come and I have never been so excited for a school year to start! What an incredible journey this has been.

I would like to say that nothing is in stone yet because I need to be approved in all my applications, but I have great hope that this will happen.

I will keep you posted on my application statuses. Right now, my Hope application is going through the system and should come back in the next couple of weeks. I am working on my program application for Chicago, and will turn that in in the next week or so. Then, I move on to my Australia program application, which I will turn in as soon as they allow me!

Exciting things are moving and happening. I am so glad that the puzzle of my year is falling together!



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