The New Year

I don’t believe in new year resolutions. Nobody actually thinks about them after about 2 weeks into the year. Once we get back into a routine, those resolutions go out the window. Though, I have seen some bloggers out there trying to make goals for the new year. Just think to aim toward and not promise to achieve by year’s end. I think this may be practical. I can do this… maybe. But, I will try to do this.

I will only have one goal for now because I can only think of one. Maybe I will post another later? For my goal, I will also have a “practical application” so I can actually have a way to sort this out in my life. So here goes:

Goal: Positivity.

To many of you, it is no secret that I have to work hard to have a positive outlook. Anxiety is a struggle for all of us, and I have my bad days of worry. This year I want to work on this. Hopefully with a purposeful midset I can change my default thinking. This is my own little form of cognitive behavioral therapy I am prescribing to myself.

Practical Application: Gratitude Jar.

This will be a jar that will hold happy memories from the year. I will write down these memories on little pieces of paper, fold them up, and stick them in the jar. Then, I have them to read whenever I need a little pick-me-up.

Hopefully I will keep you guys somewhat up to date on my jar (making it pretty?) and some memories I put in my jar.

Does anyone else have some goals for the new year and practical ways to make them (hopefully) happen?


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