(Fake) Flower Power

When I first came home for break, Maggie and I went to the Chicago Botanic Gardens to shoot some pictures with my new macro lens. Then, we went to the gift shop to look around. Maggie found a few ornaments that she bought and I got small blue vases that have a wire connecting them:


Flower2I thought that the blue would look great with white flowers, but I didn’t want real flowers at school because you have to take care of them. So, I thought that I could get fake flowers at Michael’s that would look great and be care free. I wanted them to be little so they would not overwhelm the little vases. These are the flowers that I ended up with:

Flower3I just cut them so they would fit into my vases:

Flower4I tried to cut some longer and some shorter to add some character. I think it turned out great and will add a nice touch to my dorm room!

Flower5What a cute and easy craft!






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