Some days I am more productive than others. Today was one of those days. It is always great to sit at the end of a day and realize that I have accomplished a lot.

My day started out with work. Although I did not wake up with enough time to truly get my stuff together for the day, I did make it on time. I made lists at work. I made one for all the things I have to do before I go home and I made one for the things I need to bring home.

Then I went to class. Actually, three classes in a row. Ug! But I made it through! I was really productive in my education/psych class too, so I won’t have to do as much work outside of class to finish things up. : )

After my classes, I met with someone from dining services to talk about how to make gluten free living better here. I felt like this meeting was the first where I was actually listened to and my opinions were taken into account.

This was shortly followed by a dinner date with the one and only Sloan! What a wonderful meal!

Katie and I then went to green Christmas where everything is green and/or fair trade. We got Katie a new bag (she has been needing a less pre-teen one desperately and we have been on the hunt). We are so excited about our find so I thought I would share it with you!


I also got my sister a Christmas present. Christmas is officially taken care of for me (at least I hope and think so).

After that she accompanied me to printmaking so I could print my last edition! Now I am officially done with all of the work for that class! We also took pictures for a future blog post about printmaking.

Katie had generously done my laundry along with her own this morning and so I came back and folded it and put things away. I also caught up on some tv. I have realized that I need to be caught up before I go home for break so I can keep watching there.

I hope your day was as productive as mine! And here is hoping that I am on the productivity train tomorrow and all week!



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