Juried Student Art Show

Yesterday was the deadline for students to drop off artwork for the juried student art show. Last year I didn’t put anything in, but this year my photography professor told me I should enter some of my photographs. So, I said what the heck and decided (with his help of course) to print some on a larger scale (free of charge using all of Hope’s materials) for the show. We picked out two separate prints to show. One was a portrait from the first assignment and the other a macro shot from the greenhouse this past assignment. Getting this done was a little tricker than I thought it was going to be. I walk you through what happened.

I showed up to the art building and had to remind my prof that he said he would help me with the prints. Then we went and made sure they were good quality on the school computer.


The printer has been acting up as far as settings go lately so thank goodness he was there to help me set the settings and the roll paper up. After it’s set up, printing is as easy as clicking a button. He are some shots of the printing process:





Once the photographs were printed, the fun started. We (I did it myself the second time around) cut some glue sheets to the size of the paper and used the table iron to tack on end to the photograph. Then we measured out a 3 inch border (our consensus was to use the bright white photo paper as a border instead of the matte board that was off white and not as clean looking. This would require less precision in matting.) to cut the photograph down.


Then I cut the extra paper and glue sheet off.


The we had to tack it to the matte board so that it does not move when it goes in the press. Glue sheets are activated by heat and pressure so photographs with glue sheets and matte boards go into the press for a minute to be sealed for the long run.


Here is a picture of it right out of the press. If you look closely you can see the matte board is slightly off white around the edges of the boarder.


We then had to cut off the extra matte board and sign the prints.


I was really happy with the end result. I thought that they looked great and we were able to get any scuffs from the process off with a white eraser. If they get in the show or not, I am glad that I was able to print them on a large scale. They are probably my two favorite photographs from the semester. It was also really good to learn the process of matting something on a larger scale. Now I will be able to do it later for another photograph if I want.

*UPDATE: Neither of my pictures made the show, however, the jurors did not take much so this is not completely unexpected. Although disappointing, I plan to hang these photographs in my room and hopefully next year my work will fit the theme.



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