Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It is all of the family, food, and fun without the pressure of presents (giving and receiving). And Thanksgiving is a big one in our family. My aunt and uncle host and invite both of their families and the extended families of their families. It usually ends up being packed. But thats what I love. My love my family’s family and it is always great to see them. Here is some of the family socializing:


My aunt did a great job hosting (despite the stress). I loved the center piece that she got:


This was the thanksgiving of crockpots. We must have hit a record. Everyone brought one for their dish. One for cheese dip, one for sweet potatoes, two for potatoes, one for stuffing at least. And we wanted to bring one for the gravy but we forgot that we have an extra one in the basement.


My sister and I wanted to get a picture of us and our mom while we were looking presentable, but we didn’t. : ( We did get a picture of the two of us though.


Aren’t we cute?!? We also got a picture with our cousin Haley. We are the only girls out of all of the cousins on my mom’s side.


My uncle John’s uncle Leo pulls the stuffing from the turkey followed by a combination of my uncle John or my cousin Stephen carving the turkey.


This year Stephen did it like a mad man.


Yummmmm food! My favorite dish from Thanksgiving (or any other day, really) is mashed potatoes. Gravy is good, but definitely not necessary. I am not a huge sweet potato fan, but I tried them and they were good. We bought me some gluten-free dinner roles at the store this year to try. They were good but we put them in too early so they were cold. : ( I took a picture of my plate and had my sister take a picture of her plate since we eat such different things.



Dinner was delish! And I packed in two servings of mashed potatoes! So worth it! All the guys and some of the girls hold up in the family room after dinner to watch tv. What they watch, I don’t know. I assume its some sort of football though.


My aunt Renee made pies for dessert. I can’t have them, plus I was way too full for pie. But the reports were very positive. Image

We hung around for a little bit before leaving. We were beyond exhausted. I like it better when we eat earlier in the day because I feel like we get more hang out time after our meal. But it was great to see our family and I was glad to be home for a couple days. Breaks are always much needed, but coming back is a pain because I never get anything done over break. Oops. I better crack down on the homework so I can sleep at all this week. Can’t wait for the semester to be over and to have a long break!



One thought on “Thanksgiving

  1. It was a fun day! I just want you to know I made the centerpieces myself! Yes, I am proud of them! The pictures tell the story well! It is a great holiday!

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