Young House Love

My sisters and I were super excited when we found out that Young House Love would have a book signing in Chicago! I then planned to drive home for the weekend so we could go and get our geek on. We woke up Saturday earlier than we normally would have and got in the car. We stopped to get some good old Wisconsin creme soda for John and Sherry knowing that John loves pop. Then we hit the road and hoped to have left early enough. When we arrived there was already a line that was out the door. So we hopped in and waited.



We seized the opportunity and got a picture with our books.


Maggie and I did some shopping while Laura waited in line for us. We wanted to get little ceramic animals for Sherry to sign (She has a thing for ceramic animals). When it got to be around lunch time (and stormy I might add) I ran over to Epic Burger to get us some lunch. When I got back they were starting to hand out cookies for the event.


The cookie were pretty good and later on they gave up hot chocolate too. As 1:00 came around and the signing was supposed to start we glued our eyes to the window and waited for the to come. Then, slowly the line started to move. We made it inside and around the corner. We were pumped. We had waited in line for 3 hours to meet them! John and Sherry were just as nice in person as they seem to be on the blog! It was so exciting. Maggie was shaking when she gave them our ceramic animals to sign.




It was great! 3 hours of waiting for a minute of awesomeness! Totally worth it! We signed their book tour yearbook before we left. It was awesome and we were so hyped up and excited all the way home. Book signing with Young House Love and Epic Burger. An awesome day!



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