H-A-Double L-O-W-Double E-N Club Durf

Last Saturday, Hope College held another Club Durf (basically a large, sweaty, smelly, dance party). I enjoy Club Durf. It is not my number one choice of a way to spend a evening, but it is full of high energy, loud music classic fun. I am by no means a “good dancer” but I don’t like to focus on that. I can jump well and in this setting, that is all you need.

Part of the fun of Halloween Club Durf is dressing up. At Hope College this may be the only time that students dress up for Halloween. No one really dresses up on Halloween or any other time during the weekend before Halloween, so this is really the only chance you get.

I was Katniss. I figured it was the prefect costume. I didn’t have to work too hard or put on any face paint or tons of makeup. Just simple comfortable clothes that I will wear countless times again and some good sulky pictures. All good stuff. Plus, there’s always the occasional day I just like to sit in my room and sulk… usually this means it’s raining outside. And Saturday it was raining, so it was perfect.

We jumped around and smelled like BO mixed with more BO, but it was fun. And then, when I got tired, I just walked back to Gil and hung out with people who didn’t go. Successful night full of lots of friends? I think so. Pictures to come once they go up (I forgot my camera) so if I remember, I’ll get those to you.

Here is that picture:



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