Registration Nation

Let me just say: registration is stressful! It is a crazy time where life plans go out the window. Clearly because I cannot get into the classes I need, I will never graduate, never get married, and live and awful life. Just kidding. But it does throw my four year plan for a loop every time. Luckily for me I have great friends. No matter what classes I have to take and how many times I switch which semester I am going abroad they are all smiles for me. I am basically just excited that I can swing a semester long awesomeness trip to Australia. But, I am sad that I will have to go second semester and so I now have no idea who my roommate will be or wo I will be living with in general. I hope that someone wants to live with me 🙂

Also, My advisor is somewhat forcing me to take 18 credits next semester. Definitely not ideal. But, life will go on, and I will just be super busy in the midst. At least I get to still take the other classes I need. Looks like nap time and play time are out of the window. Plus one of my classes requires a field placement. Good for the long run – extra hours I don’t have in the week right now.


It will be crazy but I believe that it will all work out. All the papers I have from scheduling and things I have to help keep me somewhat organized are confusing and helpful all at the same time. One more week and this will all be over. And then it will be my birthday, a trip home, and theYoung House Love book tour!!!



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