The Down Under

So, as many of you probably know, it is in the works for me to study abroad in Australia. I am extremely excited about this opportunity to travel. I love to visit new places and meet the people that live there. I have learned so much from traveling in the past and I believe that studying abroad is a unique experience for college students. I would get to experience Australia in a way that many will never get to. I will be able to live and study the people and places in Australia without being a tourist in the traditional sense… although I am totally looking forward to traveling and doing touristy things after I have spent the semester living down under. It seems an amazing opportunity to me to be able to live in a foreign land so to speak, and I hope that I will be able to take advantage of the opportunity while I have it.

On a similar traveling note, I am in the process of praying and applying for a college trip to Guatemala with my church (Engedi) here in Holland with the college ministries. We would be going over spring break this year and spending time building homes for single mothers and getting to know the people of Guatemala. This would be different from the other trips I have taken to hispanic countries because the village we would be in is Mayan. The culture will be completely different from the Dominican Republic and Mexico. I am looking forward to this new trip and I pray that it is in God’s will for me. Please pray for me and other others potentially going on the trip. Thanks so much!

I am so excited to get out and see the world in ways I have not before. I hope to gain a more worldly view from these trips and to be able to appreciate more people and cultures around the world. I think that traveling is pointless if we do not learn something from where we go and I hope to learn a whole bunch on both of these trips. : )



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