Even in the worst…

Today was not the worst day… but it was definitely not one i expected to be great. I had a lot that had to get done today: 5 final prints for printmaking, a research paper, and my regular homework if I could manage it. It turns out only one of those three things happened.

My day started out in a special education classroom for three year olds. I love spending two hours a week with these kids. They remind me of the simple joys in life.

We went on a field trip for one of my classes today to an all special education school. It is scary to see the cool down rooms that they sometimes have to use for a child’s safety and the safety of those around them, but it was also encouraging to see how these children were treated with respect and love from the faculty. What an amazing program. And what a blessing that we got to see it.

Photography was short lived for me today, and that always puts a smile on my face. I was able to run to the bookstore to buy the paper i needed for printmaking and I picked up a pair of shorts on sale too! What a find.

Dinner was such a blessing for me. I have taken to sitting with some of the boys on my floor and more guys always show up to eat with them who I don’t know, but I enjoy the moments of guy humer and simplicity.

Then, I spent some long hours in the printmaking room tonight. I wanted to use a new technique to add color to my prints for tomorrow, but it was turning out to be more challenging than I had anticipated. My friend walked in after using watercolors to add color to her print and I decided to switch tactics. I had already made three prints out of five, but only one was really good, so I started all over again and cranked the prints out. Then, I let them dry before painting them. They turned out great and I am really happy.

I came back to my room in an attempt to write my research paper due tomorrow night, but it just didn’t happen. Then I learned that the writing center doesn’t work on Fridays so I can’t get my paper edited. Oh well… I’ll just have to do my best. I have finally decided to end the pain and go to sleep so I can be rested tomorrow while I try to crank out the paper.

I am looking forward to this weekend! But in this somewhat roller coaster of a day, I am reminded that the good comes along with the bad. There were moments of the day that I wanted to explode, but many of those moments were balanced by laughter. What a blessing. Goodnight blogaverse.



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