Midterms, more like Madterms

Midterms week last year was just another week of school for me. I wasn’t extremely busy over midterms and I didn’t have any extra work to do. This year is proving to be quite different. As I sit here writing, I am definitely procrastinating. Last Friday I had a midterm exam for World Civ 1. I hate gen eds. The teachers seem to think that I actually care about their subject and I want to do lots of work for them. This is not the case. It seems to me that I have done more work for my gen eds than I have for my major classes. This week I have a research paper due Monday, a paper do Thursday, and another research paper due Friday.

Being so busy with school work has made me tired. When I get tired, I do not process words or situations as well. I need people to repeat things for me more than usual and I cannot read situations as well. My friends seem to be getting the brunt of my busy schedule more than I have this week. I am interrupting and random and I’m not fully processing what comes out of my mouth. I also have a shorter fuse when I get overwhelmed, so I am shorter with people than I would be otherwise. This grumpier me is not one that I like as much as my normal self. I hope that I get back to normal when I finish my work!



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