Fall Break

Breaks always come at the right time. Right when I’m about to crack, I get to go home, eat some good food, and keep some good company. Coffee with old youth leaders, a great church service, great dinners and a movie, and great photo shoots. Coffee is always relaxing and affirming. It is so great to know that someone wants to sit down with me and just talk. I love that. Church is always great, but some moments just stick out as things that put a huge smile on my face and I always love a great message. Food is always phenomenal when I’m home. I love to check up on all the food groups I avoid at school (i.e. meat/anything made out of flour). Searching for Sugarman was an awesome documentary and I am so glad that I saw it and my family is into his music. Today, we went to the train exhibit at the Botanic Gardens and took summer/fall pictures of Dan and Eden. It was so fun to see them and get some great shots that they will have forever. I am so glad to be a part of perserving memories. (A teaser of the pictures to come!) : p

I can’t wait for tomorrow. A little shopping, and heading back to school. I hope I have some time to relax before school starts again. Wish me luck!



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